Flamenco Dancer, Choreographer, Singer, Percussionist & Teaching Artist

"A heavyweight on the local flamenco scene, Valero brings a rare zeal to his performances, reliably delivering a feast for the eyes and ears."

– Sasha Dmochowski

"The dancer and the music blend seamlessly together as one. Seeing a man dance with such raw, unabashed emotion reminds you what good dance is — something that draws you into its orbit, in this case into the world of the masterfully combined mixture of passion, fluidity and flawlessness."

– Marla Seidell

The multitalented and versatile flamenco dancer, choreographer, singer and percussionist Óscar Valero currently divides his time and artistry equally between the United States and his native Spain. Recently his New York City-based Óscar Valero Dance Company presented Valero’s original creation Fuerza to sold-out audiences at the renowned Baryshnikov Arts Center, the JCC Arts Center as well as The Connelly Theater in NYC.

In October 2009 The Joyce SoHo will present a brand new production of Valero’s Fuerza, El Swing del Flamenco, which parades the world-class performers of the Óscar Valero Dance Company as well as Óscar Valero’s tremendous talent not only as a dancer, but as a composer and choreographer as well.

Growing up in Valencia, Spain, Óscar began studying flamenco and classical Spanish dance as a child. By the age of seventeen, he was already dancing professionally with the dance company Ballet Español de Martín Vargas and was selected to be a principal dancer for the 1 1⁄2 year production of Flamenco Fantasy in the Parque España, Japan.
 Back in Spain he became a principal dancer for the Ballet Flamenco del Benidorm Palace, headed by Emilio Hernández. Relocating later to Madrid, he had the opportunity to study with some of Spain's preeminent artists, such as Antonio Canales, La China, Manuel Soler, Domingo Ortega, Belén Fernández, Manuel Reyes, Manolo Marín, María Pagés, Manolete, and Alejandro Granados.

In 1998-2000, Óscar was chosen to be a soloist with the Antonio Canales Flamenco Company and was the featured artist in the company's productions of Gitano, Torero, Bengues, Raíz a Cuerda and Tacón. At that time he was also engaged with the María Pagés Dance Company and performed in its productions of La Tirana, Flamenco Republic, and El Perro Andaluz.

Óscar has been featured by the most prestigious flamenco festivals in the world.  In Spain he has appeared at the venerated Festival de Jerez, Festival de Cantes de las Minas (La Union), and La Bienal de Sevilla. With Antonio Canales he performed in the international festivals of Lyon (France), Bogotá (Colombia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Spoleto (Italia), and Tokyo (Japan). He accompanied María Pagés in the festivals of Boston and New York City, which featured such artists as Farruquito, Carmen Linares, and Manolo Sanlúcar. In 2006 Óscar inaugurated the Flamenco Festival in Valencia with stellar performers such as Tomatito and Eva La Yerba Buena.

Another dimension of Óscar’s work includes TV and movies. He appeared in a TV film about the life of the great flamenca Cristina Hoyos entitled Despacito y a Compás.
 He was also filmed for Spanish television with Sara Baras and José Mercé by TVE1's Los Premios de la Música, which is Spain's version of MTV.  Most recently Óscar danced flamenco in the Sony Pictures production of Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin.

In 2004 Óscar found his way to the United States when he was invited to New York to perform as a soloist with Andrea del Conte's Danza España for its twenty-fifth anniversary production at the Thalia Theater. In 2005 and 2007, he participated by special invitation in the Flamenco Festival of Chicago. Last summer he was a soloist in the opera Carmen in Chautauqua as well as a dancer in New York’s Metropolitan Opera’s production of this classic.

A complete flamenco artist, Óscar is also a professional cajónist, flamenco singer and a teacher. Time permitting, he shares his craft in his most popular dance and percussion workshops both in NYC and on tour. An explosive force in the world’s creative flamenco scene Óscar continues to share the stage with many of flamenco's finest dancers and musicians. He can be caught on stage equally in small tablaos or big international festivals throughout Europe, Japan and the United States.

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